2018 Community Survey Results

The City of Lakeville periodically conducts a community survey to gather opinions from a randomly selected sample of households. The survey offers staff, elected officials and other community leaders an opportunity to identify challenges and to plan and evaluate improvements to sustain services and amenities for long-term success. The survey also allows community leaders an opportunity to see what they are doing well to ensure those services are continued and maintained. The last community-wide survey was completed in 2013. 

The 2018 community survey included 13 standard questions measuring opinions across three pillars and eight central facets that measured Lakeville’s livability, safety, mobility, the natural and built environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and enrichment, and community engagement. The survey also included three custom questions of special interest to the City Council that sought feedback on the overall quality of life in Lakeville, future planning priorities and preferences for the funding of parks and recreation projects.

If you have questions about the survey results below, please contact the Administration Department at 952-985-4403.

2018 City of Lakeville Community Survey Results

2013 City of Lakeville Community Survey Results