Dog Licensing/Leash Law

Dogs are not required to be licensed in the City of Lakeville. Dog owners are instead encouraged to microchip their pets.

Leash Law

Lakeville's leash law supports responsible pet ownership and allows others to feel safe from aggressive dogs while in public places. The leash law requires all dogs to be on a leash, with only two exceptions.

  • Dogs that receive an American Kennel Club “Canine Good Citizen” certificate or its approved equivalent can be off leash.
  • A dog fitted with an electronic collar can be off leash.
Under both exceptions, if a person comes within 100 feet, the dog must be called into “close control,” which is defined as immediately at the owner’s side. The dog must remain there until the person has passed to a distance of 100 feet or more. This law is in effect everywhere in the community, except in your own yard or when permission is granted on someone else’s private property.

The special exceptions were included in the leash law because dogs need to be able to run and exercise when they’re not close to other people. Pet owners who go through the effort of properly training their dogs to a responsible level are recognized by the AKC Canine Good Citizen exception.

Lakeville dog ordinance/leash law (PDF)