Holyoke Avenue – Highview Avenue Improvements

The City of Lakeville is beginning a preliminary engineering study of the Holyoke Avenue – Highview Avenue corridor between 202nd Street (County Road 50) and Dodd Boulevard (County Road 9). The results of the study will aid the City in establishing the timing for the improvements, design recommendations and programming of funds for the future construction.

In recent years, this corridor has seen increased growth and development and the existing roadway design and speed limits are perceived as a barrier between residential areas and community amenities. The engineering study provides the opportunity to collect public feedback on the improvements, modernize the roadway and integrate safety and accessibility improvements to better serve users today and into the future.

Project website: HolyokeHighview.com 

The project website will contain all up-to-date project information. Visit the site to learn more about the project, share comments and feedback and view the project designs as they are prepared.

Project Goals

  • Engage the public to ensure expectations and values are identified 
  • Right-size the roadway for efficient movement of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians now and in the future
  • Evaluate and improve roadway and intersection safety and operations, including speed limit recommendations
  • Improve pedestrian access and safety along and across Holyoke Avenue – Highview Avenue

Project Timeline

  • January – March 2023: Collect and analyze data on existing conditions
  • March 14, 2023: Open House No. 1: Gather feedback from the community on challenges and opportunities of the road today
  • April – July 2023: Prepare design alternatives
  • July 2023: Share design alternatives with the community for feedback
  • August – November 2023: Identify and present preferred design alternative with the community

Public Meetings

Open House
Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Lakeville Water Treatment Facility - 18400 Ipava Avenue
A summary of this open house, including what we heard from the public, will be posted to the project website in January 2024.

Open House
Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Lakeville Water Treatment Facility - 18400 Ipava Avenue
Watch the open house online at HolyokeHighview.com.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the project, contact Zach Johnson, City Engineer at 952-985-4501 or by email.